MarthaGunn – Dreamers

Brighton based five-piece MarthaGunn emerged earlier this year and have now demonstrated their worth in a video that was released previously this month. ‘Dreamers’ opens with expansive vocal melodies that stand as a thawing interpretation of Warpaint’s frost and cool; merged with the distinctive tone of Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks. Without feeling the need to compare the song to various artists from a range of genres which it arguably takes influence from, I think it is obvious that MarthaGunn stand as a versatile artist in their own right, demonstrating an ability to write a fantastic pop song. The verses of ‘Dreamers’ build into euphoric choruses with a vocal hook that has an ability to ensnare the audience – in a live scenario, it would ensure the bugger in the white t-shirt ain’t going out for no ciggy or pint at the bar. It’s captivating, you become the creature under control, you fall at the beck and call. The song appears as a retro veil over a contemporary production, a throwback that would have your gran slippin’ disks and simultaneously, your 16 year old brother sippin’ on stolen drinks. Essentially, the appeal of ‘Dreamers’ is wide, it’s fun, it’s big, it’s present – it’s a juggernaut of a song, it’s not going anywhere but forward. The drive is phenomenal and the ambition of MarthaGunn is demonstrated within the 4 minutes and 5 seconds of this very track. An early video from a young band that have a point to prove, the bow is stretched and the arrow is poised to soar. Keep your ears down to the ground.



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