Fuoco – Cold


Fuoco, pronounced ‘F-Woah-ko’: I was filthy after being dragged through the depths of sludge via this song – the guitar recoils in a short break slapping into them kneecaps of mine, I crawl out of bed today – zimmer frame was not about unfortunately. Smashing Pumpkins-esque guitar shimmied with vocals that resemble last years ones to watch: Drenge. ‘Cold’ appears as something that contrasts the scorching summer day I write this review – gone is the sunsoaked music of yesteryear that seems to wallow about like a fucking lost dog. Thudding drums hammer through, always present, maintaining a solid tempo whilst mimicking the guitars every move. Fuoco provide something in tune with Sabbath, The Wytches et al. – thumping along at it’s own cool speed throughout. Two pieces, as a band format have certainly seen a spike in popularity recently, the likes of Royal Blood and the aforementioned Drenge being two that stuck about – in contrast, many have drifted off the radar, perhaps falling to an emptiness in sound or lack of versatility. It will be interesting to see the progression of Fuoco; their benefits lie in the simple fact that emptiness is no issue. Despite being a two piece they demonstrate a certain knack for writing catchy riffs. ‘Cold’ does not purely rely on a big chorus but the power of the guitar riff in itself has enough substance to stand alone.

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