Cereal – Wasted and Worn


Soaked in chorus from the start, you’re thrown in the deep, thrashing world of Cereal. This song demonstrates a wonderful understanding of what it takes to be fantastic songwriters. Personally I’m a big fan of extreme dynamics in songs – the need to play all at once and the need to know when to shut the fuck up. With a nod to the Pixies, it seems that Cereal have taken on board the quiet/loud/quiet structure and it works wonders as singer, Samuel Bedford takes you on a woozy, raspy, two and a half minute ride – quite often his vocals confidently standing at the forefront. The chorus is shoved down your throat or rather acts as the flannel placed over your gob in a suffocating manner – something that makes you cling onto the tail of the song whilst being thrown to-and-fro. Without a doubt, one of the most exciting acts I’ve listened to this year – ‘Wasted and Worn’ demonstrates a heavier rendition of Yuck – a 90s throwback which leaves the flame shirt, Bernie jeans and excess chains where they belong. The power behind this song is skull crushing – keep your eyes peeled for the future and the demise of Tony the Tiger as a new Cereal becomes favourite.


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