False-Heads – Fall Around

A Wednesday morning with a Polish lager infused hangover warrants something to get the blood running properly again. Hailing from East London – False-Heads provide their track: ‘Fall Around’, which lays somewhere in the vein of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – a guitar riff that hits you like a fuckin’ train and if it don’t knock an expression on your face it’s cause: A) You had a broke fuckin’ mouth, B) You used a glue stick on your lips thinking it was chapstick, or C) You just came back from the dentist with numb Mick Jagger lips you couldn’t move. Vocals demonstrate a snarl and grit that bite you and grip onto your arm like next doors mutt, the catchy chorus ensures that it is not going to be shaken off in a hurry neither. It’s a staple song from a band that arguably deserve to up there somewhere soon – it’ll be interesting to see how their sound expands and in which direction they travel, as the ideas are there, and obviously they show a knack for writing interesting parts. I pray that False-Heads are one those that go off n’ experiment with what they have rather than rest on those laurels, too many bands find a comfort zone surrounding guitar music that leads them to become too blended. False-Heads shimmie to Brighton in the not-so-distant future – I’d argue they are ones to watch, y’know.

In the meantime, here’s their EP – ‘Tunnel Vision’.


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