The Shaken Angels – Wax Eyed Vultures

shaken angels

‘Wax Eyed Vultures’ is quite the uncomfortable one. Like a child, sitting in a highchair, bored, annoyed and shifting around uneasily, The Shaken Angels spasm and shake in syncopated riffs and heavy bass. That’s not to say the song isn’t good. It is. Just don’t expect to sit back and relax, they’re not those kind of angels. The song starts off pretty much the way it intends to continue – like someone trying to scratch himself out of his own skin, just slowly building up to it – and then, when he’s ready, he lets you know: “I’ve got a surprise,” and, oh man, he does! The chorus, a unison of vocals and guitar, resemble the early days of heavier rock, or maybe some of Jack White’s angrier incarnations. In fact, YouTube suggests you listen to The Raconteurs or perhaps The Dead Weather once you’re done with this twitchy bunch. Although, perhaps ‘Wax Eyed Vultures’ will keep you guessing a lot more than some of The Dead Weathers’ songs, mostly because of the dynamics here. There are some silent, narrative parts, then we get a guitar solo, doused with sass and sex, meanwhile the voice constantly changes from a mature, coherent baritone, to an occasional rasp or a slur, much like the song itself. Watch out for more. And in the meantime, go listen to the rest of The Shaken Angels.

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