The Kneecaps – Stay So Long

The Kneecaps

Remember that scene from Control, when Sam Riley as Ian Curtis lays his skinny glam-Adonis of a body on a bed, smokes a cigarette and puts on some David Bowie? All anachronisms aside, that scene would have been a lot cooler if he listened to ‘Stay SO Long’ by The Kneecaps. Actually, the timeframe almost fits, because The Kneecaps have a sound that I’m sure a bunch of ‘77 punk bands would kill for. Look at that fuzz. And I mean look – it’s so gritty you can see it. Even though The Kneecaps don’t have a bass player, you can’t really argue that they need one, since the distortion covers a lot and drums fill in the rest. Plus, after that noisy ten second intro (which reminds me a little of the intro to Fear by A Place To Bury Strangers), I guarantee you won’t be thinking of anything other than guitars, shaking fists and jumping around the stage. You might end up alone up there, though, because the last time I saw these guys, they just took their mic stands down to the audience, to join in on the party. As it should be. Stay SO Long and then some.

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