Kit Wharton – Scream Out

kit wharton

Raucous, hectic and zealous would be three words to summarise this song. A woozy guitar line pulls us into the song, something that poses similarities to 60’s garage rock (The Sonics etc) and places the fuel on the preceding fire. This start acts as the only tenderness between the riffs, which is no bad thing necessarily – the listener is swung from side to side as if they were the dead cat being swung around claustrophobic rooms. From chorus soaked guitar lines to begin, we are handed a tempo and groove that is reminiscent to The Black Lips, boisterous and posing movement to resemble an agile beast.  What Kit Wharton provides us with is a straightforward garage-rock song, it is what it says on the tin, something to get you to elaborately flail your  body from side to side or up and down depending on whether you end up horizontal or vertical after certain intoxication. It’s pounding and ceaseless, it’ll leave you in crumples, bumps and bruises but that’s the way you probably want it if you’re into this. See the fella’ around in Eastbourne this Autumn with a gig at Busker’s Bar on the 6th of October, and, check out his Beach EP whilst your at it.


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