A refreshing breeze onto our review page with this Darlington – relocation, relocation – now Brighton based five piece. This band steps aside from the vast rock/grunge wave which is currently throwing its tenacious arms wide and far and gathering everything in it’s sight.  Capture appear like a North-Easterly spin upon ‘Colour It In’ era Maccabees – impulsive grooves supplement vocals that suggest a holding back, a restraining yelp much like Orlando Weeks’; it’s a friendly song that would get you spilling cheap drinks at your local indie nightclub at half 1 in t’ morning. Beyond that lovely innocence is exceedingly clever musicianship, an array of time changes and swooning keyboard sections suggest Capture have more than meets the proverbial eye (or ears) – backing vocals allow the song to jingle-jangle on without falling short of any marks and act as the cushioning to the protected gem in a jewellery shop. ‘Vince Halliday’ is clever without showing off. It understands the difference between ‘pop’ and ‘rock’ as a genre – it is something that you could listen to six times over and over for a month straight, due to the fact that it is refreshingly clean and laidback. Capture occasionally touch on a math-rock vibe, it fills space and lends the band to other influences such as Foals and Minus the Bear, along with it’s more obvious indie-pop comparisons such as Vampire Weekend and the aforementioned Maccabees. Check out this fun bunch around Brighton this Winter.

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