Nova State – All We Are


Nova State is a Brighton indie band so fresh, they don’t even have a logo yet. Doesn’t matter though, because you can design one for them, if you fancy winning 50 quid. But if taking initiative isn’t laid back enough and the 20th anniversary of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain turned you a little bit more passive these days, just listen to the song. It’s not just a random reference either, the bright and fuzzy guitars at the beginning of the track have a Barlow-esque 90’s lo-fi feel to them and if the first few bars didn’t make you part your hair in the middle like a younger Jared Leto, the vocals are bound to open up a more sensitive side to your plaid-shirt cynicism. “We go wild and we come down and then we do it again” sums up the misery in denial of a struggling young Brightonite quite perfectly, I’d say, but if it’s all bringing you down, just focus on the girl in the frame and the upbeat gradation of the drums and the lead, and they’ll see you through safely. Don’t forget! Draw a logo. Win some beer money. Listen to the music. After that, “We just restart.”


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