Luke Oliver James’ project has provided something that really made us kids at Give It Back fall into a melodic swoon, something really beautiful has been born here. Influences seem to root in James Blake, Fever Ray and Foals – an electronic presence with an exceedingly chilled out, dream narrative. As with the notion of dream, the real opportunity and depth to ‘Last Night I Fell’ lay within the space and the gaps, or riding on the ambient synth tones that shimmer between melancholy and optimism. Contextually, where this song may fit in would be the stereotypical post-party after-drama, the kids still wired at 6 in the morning, flicking through past memories of the night prior. Or, as I figured today, a better scenario would be the rainy walk home on a Sunday afternoon. As mentioned previously, it’s the negative space that allows one to appreciate the alluring nature of this song, something that only rainy Sundays can provide – James’ fantastic production comes with his focus on every vein and artery of ‘Last Night I Fell’ – precision to the reverberated drum sample allows for his glowing voice to wash over, occasionally meshed between amiable piano lines reminiscent to The xx. From Portsmouth to Brighton – this talent has washed across every surf of the South coast, and boy, you should be happy he’s landed here at long last – catch François at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on the 7th of November.


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