The Black Delta Movement – The Trip


Meet The Black Delta Movement, everybody! They’re from Hull, but don’t treat them as strangers, because this song, The Trip, is musically what Give It Back grew up on. Covers often get a bad rep, since many people seem to think there’s no creativity in reproducing someone else’s music, but there’s honestly more to it, so don’t just expect a re-mastered Kim Fowley track. Intertextuality is one of the finer things in life and there’s loads of it in The Trip. Apart from being a lovely tribute to mid-sixties garage rock, with all the raucous fuzz of modern day psychedelia, we get hints of Roky Erickson’s falsettos and messianic whispers, or Jim Morrison’s bluesy shrieks, as well as an appreciation for what The Black Angels and many others do today. By the end, you’ll be wondering, if perhaps Gloria was just a necessary spontaneous manifestation of what it was all heading to back then. And where’s it all going now? Who cares, we’re just excited to take a trip with these guys, and we recommend you do the same. So come on down to the Bleach on the 6th of November, but first – zone out with the tune for a while.

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