HOLY – Firebreather


Ever since I first heard ‘Firebreather’ by Holy, I knew we would get on well. Or at least that we have a similar enough taste in music to enjoy an afternoon of rock records and jazz cigarettes. I say this, because as I put on ‘Firebreather,’ I was pleasantly reminded of some great bands and some very worthy influences. The intro tastes like a perfect cocktail of Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd, while the spacious, slightly psychedelic production gives a Tame Impala-esque, cosmic kinda vibe. The drummer drops hints of his Foals counterpart in the way he breathes momentum into different sections, with just subtle changes, whilst the vocals deliver a cool, contemporary sound, laced with a few drops of Dylan – evident in the way the lyrics and melody intertwine. All in all, not a bad bunch to be compared to. And bear in mind, I’m not saying that Holy have plagiarized or copied any of these bands, simply that they portray similar atmospheres and evoke comparable emotions. Which is a total compliment! But a compliment that they deserve – this is a track done well, right the way through from composition, to recording, to production. Definitely worth three minutes, 48 seconds, and a bunch of repeats!

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