Aftercare – Walls


Thrown awash a sea of subtleties: dream-rock at it’s most naked, glorious and exquisite. Production allows edits of feedback layered guitar sounds, reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Galaxie 500 – a voice shimmers between reverb laden guitar effects adding caution between the beauty. Aaron Ryan (the man behind Aftercare), allows the listener to appear as nothing more than a rickety house on top of a snowy mountain in the dead of December – it’s a winter song, something to match the cold November evening that I write this article on. ‘Walls’ places us in a sense of isolation as layers of sound build, gently dropping us to lay with the stars – it has a hint of silent cool that is very hard to place; something stylish and slurred. Ryan’s lyrics and vocals stand as a sedative chant, something that has an element of ice to it; pillow talking to you without ever letting you fully partake in what is being said. The four song EP stands as an essential for any fan of shoegaze or noise-rock, or whatever rock for that matter. Ryan’s sounds do not remain constrained to the winter haze of ‘Walls’, as demonstrated with opener: ‘Auburn Breeze’ which perhaps owes more in debt to the likes of Pavement with the more driven tone it has. Limerick is a place rarely uttered around the Southern shores of Brighton, it sure as shit should be now. Ensure to give his EP a full listen below, it is certainly worth your time.

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