Sky Valley Mistress – Smoke Fairy


This one can’t wait, it has no introduction, nothing to ease you into the song and no cushioned walls, just beautiful rock and roll madness, so that’s what you’re getting today – let’s get right to it. The ‘Smoke Fairy’ is a tough lady, she sees right through your bullshit and she’s got some dangerous friends with daring, noisy guitars, ready to riff your head off. The voice is a constant beckoning, but nothing can reach it as it stands there, amidst the rough and the scruff, fending off high-pitched stabs of overdriven guitars and laying its back into the ceaseless beat of the drums. You only get one chance to catch your breath, when the bass takes over, and it doesn’t even last a second before you’re back in the fight. When focus shifts towards the guitars, try and think of Soldiers of Fortune’s ‘Sleeping Sentinel’ or another heavier, contemporary jam band and compare it to any jam you’ve ever had yourself. The interplay here isn’t friendly – it’s a race to the top of your head. And even though we all end up bloody, bruised and covered in stab wounds, no one can hide how much they love it. So go give Sky Valley Mistress a listen on their bandcamp and get excited for the EP, scheduled to release on the 15th of December!

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