Pleasure House – Blow My Mind

pleasure house

Birmingham has piped up again in recent years; it has rose like the phoenix it once promised to be from it’s, um, shady noughties which produced little but The Twang. It has now resurfaced with some of NME’s darlings: PEACE, Swim Deep and Superfood to name but a few. Pleasure House it can be heard, fit aptly into this movement, and boy, do they do it with some alluring, god damn gorgeous style. It’s a shame that this song only glimmers round my purty little ears five months after summer as this could have been, dare I utter the phrase – the ‘feel good song of the summer’ for many people. Vocals lay handsomely upon a groove that could knock hips out; when bands are built for having a good time, they fall into the structure, mould and exuberance of Pleasure House. With this in mind, there is one theme that runs consistently through Pleasure House’s debut, it’s a theme that is often disregarded in circles of cynical rock music and fans alike but it is purely that of fun – it is evidenced within ‘Blow My Mind’  with a ringing chorus that does not play on the negativity or sleaze of lost love but the naive, juvenile desire to venture blindly into the circle of love. Pleasure House have produced a song here that would make a worthy successful single release for any effing label. They have taken the sadness and despondency out of a winter a sky and painted it with euphoria, pop joviality and young bliss – come Summer 2015, expect to see this band plastered around many a city, with the pop-potential of this band, there’s no reason Birmingham cannot remain marching forward. Onwards they march.

Get hold of Pleasure House’s debut album below and czech out the video for ‘Blow My Mind’too:

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