Lost October – Hollow Eyes


A combination of layered, ethereal vocals and dark, dynamic instrumentation create Lost October’s excellent latest release “Hollow Eyes”.

With clear influences from Daughter and Purity Ring, Lost October use strong graphic imagery in their lyrics that places the listener in a dark and engaging environment, which when combined with loving words often used in the song, such as “Darling”, instills an awesome sense of unease.

It’s exciting, punchy and focuses on heavy use of fast drums and an aggressive, gritty bass that’s reminiscent of Alt-J. The instrumentation in Hollow Eyes is surprisingly gritty and climactic, often leading to some fantastically gripping crescendos that consistently move you throughout the track, creating an impressively expansive sound. Most impressively I found myself fixated upon the excellent use of layered vocals, which successfully create a wistful, ghostly environment in which the song lies; It’s beautifully haunting, constantly moving and growing as the song progresses. The song is soulful, using lots of ambient sound and intertwining melodies laced with whispery and lush female vocals.

Especially passionate in its final verses, Lost October feature a clever use of delay and repetition in its lyrics which all combine to create an almost self-destructive environment for the listener. Its easy to lose focus and find yourself wrapped up in this dark, evocative world Lost October create.

Hollow Eyes is a brooding, high-energy track that to me, feels very cinematic and often ominous. I look forward to future releases.

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