Give It Back Magazine – Kickstarter

Hello to our WordPress followers. It’s nice to catch you here. We at Give It Back Magazine have recently started one of those mythical ‘Kickstarter Campaigns'(…)

We desperately do not want to sound, well, desperate – but we want to publish our work for you. We want to give you the chance to hold an issue, to cherish it, to look after it and maybe, show it to your kids, and your kids’ kids and; you get the picture. As well as doing this culture magazine malarky online, we hope to do it in a physical format, something which you gorgeous people can get your grubby mitts on. To do this, we are offering local, Brighton/South East promoters, business owners etc a chance to fund a little bit of money and feature within. Asides from this, if you are none of the above and do not desire the advertising, we offer tonnes of other incentives – issues posted out, signed artwork or perhaps the opportunity to have one of our featured artists play at your house.

We aim to print around 2000 issues, a hell of a lot for a relatively small city – thus giving you the chance to spread your news around as easy as pie. Furthermore, we wish to expand from music into other forms of culture – sport, art, food, you name it, we write it.

Give It Back, motherfucker.

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