Cross Wires – Your History Defaced


A breath of fresh air and youthful energy from start to finish, ‘Your History Defaced’ is an enticing advert for the Crosswires sound, one that sits comfortably between The Cribs and Brit Rock legends the Libertines. EP opener ‘Modern Art’ grabbed my ear straight away and left me wanting at least another minute on the end, but I was soon satisfied when ‘Shades of Light and Dark’ introduced itself and displayed with full force the groups ska influences. This is music that festival crowds go nuts for, close your eyes on any of the choruses and you can almost see the cups of piss flying over your head. ‘Tab Clear’s opening left me worrying the band’s sound had become slightly formulaic, but the closing half of the song soon left me throwing my reservations out the window and becoming enticed in a liquid guitar riff, the big attraction of a tense and uneasy middle section, before being thrown into another massive chorus that is sure to become a Crosswires trademark. The strongest lyrical effort, ‘Last Stand’ is the longest track on the collection, and also holds my favourite moment, the change up for the chorus is a devilish and unexpected twist. Crosswires’ underlying punk sensibility is evident throughout this EP, but comes into the foreground most obviously on raucous closer ‘Vultures’, the vocal delivery echoing the glory days of the Ramones. As a whole, Your History Defaced is brimming with energy and never feels drawn out, every song leaving you wanting just a little bit more. An exciting statement from a unique band.


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