Kodah – Forever


Kodah are like our own little Southern version of post-‘III’, pre-‘Harmacy’ Sebadoh with a single tiny exception: there’s only one end to this grungy quiet-loud dynamic and it’s LOUD. And right in your face. Also, panned to both sides of your face. That’s where the song starts, really, with heavy chops scratching at your skull from the inside. When the noisy screeches start creeping in and lure you into the cheerful, fuzzy riff, you immediately know what you’re in for, where you want this thing to go and ‘Forever’ is going to take you there. This genre’s got some mad legacy and sometimes it can seem like there’s not much left to invent or be original, but I bet you’ll be surprised when the cali-surfy vibe of the vocals hooks you in. Despite all the noise and the adventurous drum fills, Kodah can seem almost timid at times – and that’s a good thing, because it’s exactly this dissonance and the unbalanced proportions of anger and fright that keep you interested and wanting more. This isn’t your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 90’s cool, nobody’s wearing rad shades here, this is the grunge of OUR times. Good on Kodah for pointing at the plaid but not losing track of the present! We like that.



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