Varjak – Stop The Night


Writing in an icy kitchen certainly warrants a bit of groove to bring the heat in. Not heat in the form we are normally given at this time of year; inundated with crap Christmas covers and equally petrifying middle-aged women and men up and down the country hurling these songs at us. Varjak bring us a sophisticated, incredibly hooking melody that tugs you along at a very merry speed. The groove bouncing away like a jolly kid on a space hopper helps to ensure that it will be ringing round your skull well past bed time. What acted as a very reassuring surprise was the gorgeousity and gorgeousness of the vocals – I expected the drab and drawl of a male vocal line – one that would provide nothing fresh. Throughout the chorus, we are hit with a colossal sound – one that holds swooning guitar lines, not too dissimilar to the likes of The Horrors; furthermore we are hit with a voice that holds comparisons to some of Kate Bush’s more conventional music; it’s really lovely and holds you.  Guitars dance over the drums throughout, it is a splendid head bopper and one that would certainly be fantastic experienced live – it does what it says on the tin, it’s a groovy-indie song and will sing to you even when you’re not listening.  Ensure you get down to the hope this Friday (December 12th) where Varjak will take to the stage to headline.


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