Tusks, Bad Grammar and The Pearl Harts Live – Green Door Store – 9/12/2014


After shuffling through the rain on the way home from work on a resoundingly grim Tuesday night; I felt the desperation to find something to do. What better thing than to see local music for zilch, not a penny, cent or dime. Alas, after hearing a ton about how fantastic psychedelic grungers Tusks are, I was keen to see them – when they took to the stage around 8:30, what was presented was a colossal sound – surprisingly from just three young blokes. With choruses that resonate with early Verve tinges, fleshed with a bit of Smashing Pumpkin’s-esque riffing, it is no understatement to say I was impressed. Held hostage by phased waves of fuzz and distortion, Soundcloud single ‘Across The Sea’ stood as a wall and testament to the ferocity of mythological elephants. Tusks being part of the armour of those elephants (see 300 and them damn huge Persian things) and an apt name for this band. To follow was Bad Grammar from the Norf, bringing with them that Mancunian rain everyone loves to hate. If Tusks set the theme, Bad Grammar grappled  with it and put a firework in it’s arse – the small but lucky audience were thrown along at a savage speed. Pulled Apart By Horses amongst yesteryears big name double act – Drenge – perhaps hold some element of influence. Boy, did Bad Grammar put some performance in; frontman Ben Forrester leaping around the stage and off the stage, like a werewolf howling at the moon – taking not just the stage but the cobbles of Green Door Store for his own. Finally heading the bill was The Pearl Harts – two little ladies with a noise that would crush The Great Pyramid of Giza. Riffs are tossed about and treat like child’s play, nothing appeared to stand in the way as the small audience were given a thrashing. Lyrics are cursed, spat and rasped across the stage, all at the same time, the two elegantly thrash away leaving nothing unsaid. Overall, although it was a night of snapped strings – there were some very lucky punters out there who were treat to something remarkable. Catch local fellas, Tusks, in Brighton this Sunday (14th December) at The Hope. In the meantime, czech out all of last nights music below:



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