Nomura – Cat and Rooster EP


‘Nomura’ is a self-proclaimed ‘stoner-pop’ 3 piece from Southampton. Their current release ‘Cat + Rooster’ EP is a journey through a collage of chorus-lead light psychedelic music and hard rock pushing against the stock ‘rock’ stereotypes. While they could benefit from stronger vocal synergy, the percussion manages to tie the sections down quite effectively. The whole release is fantastically consistent; there is a certain confidence in the track listing which is especially crucial for psychedelic’s need for working flow.

Tracks like ‘Don’t Know’ recalls a certain minimal naiveté which has been successful with other alternative acts in the past, they really pull through, however, with innovative solos (see 3:00’s in to the very same track) which dance off the dancing and evolving rhythms.
This track progresses into ‘Light Up…’, which, again, has a gentle kick that pulls through once more due to the use of instrumental evolution. The remaining tracks, ‘Otherside’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Another Flame’ continue the atypical alternative pop lyrical themes and serve to execute very eloquent hard rock bases with pop overtones. One could argue ‘Nomura’ would be better off merging the songs into a suite of some sort with this strength. The album cover is notably also effective at representing the tones the group aims to achieve, bar the intrusive text over the blur. In the future, be sure to look into whether Nomura has focused more on their instrumental flow, I’m sure that the band would value greatly from a cleaner production in the studio also.


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