Tusks and Kagoule Live – Bleach – 1/12/14


Upon entry to the Gastro-Brewery pub or whatever else pubs are now, a cheerful faced bar-lady serves me as my wallet sighs like a poorly fed slave. Moving up to the upstairs venue the regulars: ‘Tusks’ play a driven psychedelic experience for the most avid grunge fan. I could not take my eye off of the drummers vintage Sampodoria shirt; this was shortly after my housemate makes a comparison to their retracting hairlines, I chuckle but secretly know I am next! The front man has a uniquely large tone, like an overly fed Courtney Love or Paul Potts from the first series of Britain’s Got Talent. Overall a spot on performance by the Brighton three piece.

After my one novelty beer had run out, Kagoule took to the stage. A few friends were talking them up to be a wonder band, one said they’d even played Glastonbury – reasonably intrigued I expect a half decent showing, they delivered the aforementioned showing, perfectly. They had a great dynamic, the band members personalities reflected their respective sounds well, the guitarist – melancholic, looking like he is lacking in iron and fed up with playing to students, had a very dry tone as default. His array of effects carried him through the shoegaze walls of sound occasionally sent our way in between the light chords and delay ridden, isolated, lonely lead parts. The bassist, loud and pretty – dancing around – she reminded me of my buddy’s punk mum, a throw out from the 70’s who I am sure in her heyday, saucy as her bolognese. Wearing tartan with a great playing technique and a thundering scream in the penultimate song, a class act. The dual vocals impressed me and gave the band a unique sound they deserve. As the band finished, envious of everyone’s drunk enthusiasm and smiling wallets, I smell the unmistakable smell of charity shop dust – as if everyone’s second hand coats took on a life of their own trying to recall their previous owners from the grave (or something equally as hilarious). This was when I knew I was a far cry from my humble Essex roots and firmly in Brighton town.


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