Brighton Hip Hop Scene – An Introduction


On arriving in Brighton, I already knew of the reputation the town holds in the UK Hip-Hop scene but I still was unsure of what to expect, but only until recently was it that I was put on to how influential the town was and is. The impression I’ve been getting since living here the past four months is similar to a lot of other areas. Local artists aren’t getting the recognition they deserve and it seems their music isn’t being released on a wide enough scale or maybe they don’t have the motivation to push their music past Soundcloud or open mic nights. Saying this, the moment I got into Brighton it was very clear that the scene and culture is very much alive and kickin’ it, from the giant Wu piece and all the other street art to RareKind, to Strictly business and SlipJam. This is what makes Brighton and maybe expanding out too far would take away what made the town so great to begin with, you can’t experience Brighton by just hearing the music or seeing the art, you actually need to be there to take it all in.

Right now we have artists like Frankie Stew, Harvey Gunn and Ocean Wisdom, we have BoomBap festival, all bringing lots of attention not just to Brighton but the UK in general. I feel that branching out from the ‘shooters and cash but still being able to maintain the soul elements of Hip-Hop is what appeals so much, because it’s a lot easier for people to relate with but at the same time it’s gritty enough to separate from mainstream production and again touch on real topics average people experience.

The scene here feels a lot more accepting to whoever wants to join in and show love rather than everyone climbing for the top, this is to me what makes the town so special on how much someone would do for the love of their art.

Big up Seb Jolin aka tyni Rhyme Pad radio Strictly Business RareKind.

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