Pub Crawlin’ – The Druids


A fantastic local, and a local fantastic. This establishment has taken claim to many a pound of mine since moving into my new abode – I have zero qualms with this fact and here is why…

It stands home to some of Brighton’s friendliest and loveliest bar staff, simultaneously home to a fantastic atmosphere, a music playlist which is second to none AND housing some of Sussex’s finest ales. I first set foot inside way back in August, I remember it fondly because it is the first time I have out drunk myself since the ripe age of 17; drinking a cider priced at just £3 that is set to lead for a great time, and possibly a sore head the next day. Currently, The Druids is stocking a BN1 hoppy ale, a fantastic beer for book readers as it will last you a good hour or two, great to sup in the long haul.

The Druids is, what is known up Norf as a brown pub. Wooden bar, wooden tables, wooden floor, this is a brilliant trait however, one that is been worn away and lost amongst the ever growing student friendly, clean and squeaky bars that are dotting around Brighton. This setting adds to the atmosphere, a splendid winter choice with dimly lit candles and a warm and cosy interior; something to warm up the students who are suffering at the hands of Glide and energy bills – the more I write this, the more I feel I am aging, sod it however, it’s lovely and I cannot advocate it enough…

I have had the fortune of meeting plenty of lovely people here in the past, recently a gentlemen named Al who assisted me in my thirst for learning about reggae music – a truly nice fella’ who had the fortune of claiming The Druids his local – he was actually DJ’ing that night so if you have the fortune of seeing him spin his records, get down and speak to him. Finally, The Druids does not only provide a fantastic drinking environment, the food is splendid as well. Stocking probably the largest array of burger flavours known to mankind, it is well worth trying one, very reasonably priced and they will appeal even to the pickiest foodie.

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