The Kneecaps – Black Hair


The Kneecaps are back! Although primarily based in London, you might’ve seen this distorted three-piece in Brighton a couple of times last year, at Bleach, Late Night Lingerie at Sticky Mike’s, etc. Now the line-up has changed, they’re no longer a two guitar fuzz factory. The addition of a bass player makes it’s appearance on Black Hair, their freshest new single. Even though it’s barely a couple of days old, it draws upon the energy of decades of garage rock and punky songwriting ethics. You wouldn’t really expect a Kneecaps song to be much longer than two minutes, right? No, you jump in, swing your hair around, attempt to sing along, give it up and sing harmonies in the chorus instead, then waddle back from the stage, trying to remember what you did. It’s not easy to make out the lyrics, but they’re delivered with a sense of provocation, just shake a limb, maybe, wiggle a toe. Black Hair is an invitation to be relentlessly childish, frantic and to enjoy yourself like the grownups wouldn’t understand. The perfect song to make you not want to go to work. Shit. We highly recommend you go see them live at the Brixton Windmill in London on the 24th! If you think London is too far away, maybe just listen to the song a couple more times.


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