Yvonne – Endless Soul EP


At Give It Back, after 6 months or so in the swing, we have covered a spectrum of genres; alas, one we have left relatively untouched is the electronic folk field. So, I’m gonna push the boat out here and set sail into new waters, I’d like to present the marvellous ‘Yvonne’. Her Endless Soul EP came out late last year and it provides a gentle spread of influences. In tracks such as ‘And You Sin’, we can here the croon of ‘Murder Ballads’ era Nick Cave, a sensitive voice over a gentle melody and rhythm, twinkling guitar parts under the chorus acting as blossoms of light within a rather dark, haunting song. In others, we can see soulful swings reminiscent of 50s and 60s girl groups; regardless of the comparison, there is a pungent scent of brilliance in every note picked.

Yvonne has knack of intertwining narrative sequences within lyrics – stories of a past time and gently squeezing them through a dark, evocative mould, this leaving a fantastically eerie atmosphere. There is a dimension and dynamic within her work, particularly within title track ‘Endless Soul’ that rests within the refrained vocals and the haunting repetitive guitar picking that screams back to After The Gold Rush era Neil Young.

Yvonne is brilliant and has promised to grace the sunny shores of Brighton in the not so distant future, so for now, keep your ears to the ground for a very gentle sound.


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