TWIN live – Green Door Store – 20/1/2015


In recent times I have been to many gigs and nights at Green Door Store – from small, low key gigs, to down right face to the wall, crammed in like battery chickens sort of nights. Last night falls happily towards to the latter, with less of the cramming – essentially, a very busy, successful night. Kit Wharton shared some of his DIY fuzz with us to start with, this then went onto Give It Back’s former featured band, Golding. Headlining was TWIN, in joyous celebration of their latest EP: TWIN (I). The EP really does scream and shout as loud as the capital letters suggest.

Entering onto the stage at around 9:30pm in a cool and precise manner, casting large enigmatic shadows onto a glittering backdrop; the singer emerging with an aura and appearance not too dissimilar from Suede’s Brett Anderson. The audience were relentlessly thrown into a sea of guitar melody and swooning verses, choruses as colossal as Trojan Horses and hooks poised to ensnare you. I felt suitably adrift in my heavy parka, set amongst the smartly dressed clientele – I appeared as the archetypal northerner, somewhat restricted from any outrageous dancing; alas, this problem was not suffered by many others who required no convincing to jive and sway. The EP’s stand out track: ‘All I Want’ was given a live playing and what I noticed about TWIN was the volume, it was huge and needed a chorus to blow open the verse and song. This was provided. A sound so looming that it probably ran back round and bit you in the arse without you noticing, it was astonishingly good. Lyrics darted, interrogated and spat you back out, the live sound doubled that of the EP.

Across the other side of Brighton played NME babies: The Vaccines at Concorde 2; it’s never telling who will be next there but our guess partly lays with TWIN. Listen to their EP on Soundcloud below:


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