The DuBarrys Live – Green Door Store – 27/1/2015


Gigs that you are convinced to go to during half time of a fantastic game of football (Liverpool vs Chelsea – great game for the biased Liverpool fan until half time) on a rainy, cold and miserable Tuesday night should certainly warrant a fantastic gig and secondly, the odd few beers. Fortunately, St. Noah’s news provided the latter with an excellent array of £1.39 cans of beer and The DuBarrys provided the former.

After never hearing anything by The DuBarrys prior to going, I was all ears to something new. Confidently falling into an indie pop bracket, they provided all the sweetness, sentiment and love that you go and see bands like this for. A brilliant cover of Mac Demarco’s ‘Ode To Viceroy’ was provided, the frontman riding his treble pickup with confidence, rather than hitting the audience with an unnecessary, jerk; it washed over them as if the sun beating off of the desert. The audience were treat to a refreshing, optimistic set, perhaps taking influence from The Maccabees later sounds in parts, it was apparent with a washed, glazed synth and bass sound, and a lead guitar that pushed the song onwards. I have seen and heard many a vocalist whilst living in Brighton but nobody has provided power and struck me in awe such as this, beautiful melodies appeared that could stamp out the stoniest of hearts. Get along to see The DuBarrys, well worth your time and your former miserable Tuesday evening.

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