Getting To Know You: grasshopper


You have been going for a few years now, how would you say your sound has developed over the years?

Our songs have hopefully been getting better, but I wouldn’t say our sound has developed in any one way. Back when we started, it was more a case of us all getting through the songs without too many problems, but as we’ve been playing together for a while now, I think I’ve become more free to experiment when writing our songs, and then just see what happens.

The recent remix of Rico’s Revenge changed the sound significantly from the original, do you see this as something that will grace your songs in the future?

Not really, no, as I think the whole point of a remix is that it’s a different version of a song – it’s still our music, but it’s been sonically reconstructed with someone else’s vision. I think there’s no point in having a remix that matches your sound exactly, as we want it to sound different – other people always notice things which you don’t notice yourself. The original version is quite cinematic and dramatic, but the remix is more upbeat and dreamier, and we like both versions independently of one another.

How has Brighton influenced your sound?

No idea! We’ve got nothing to compare it to, as we’ve always lived here. What is true though is that in Brighton, there’s lots of different stuff going on, and we’re lucky to live in a place like this – it’s a really open environment which lets you try things out and find a sound that suits you.

What can we expect from grasshopper in the future?

We’ve got some cool gigs lined up, including the Brighton Noise Day One Festival this Saturday (7th Feb), a sold out support slot with the Charlatans at Worthing Pavilion (15th March) and gig with our friends at Acid Box (14th April), amongst others. We’ve also got a few festivals, local and national, lined up this year, and are planning on releasing a single soon, which is pretty exciting!

Do you feel there has been a recent boom in psychedelic music in the UK and has this influenced you?

Psychedelic is possibly an overused word, and means a lot of different things to different people. Maybe there has been a boom in psychedelic music – just look at the success events like the Liverpool Psych Fest, and Cosmosis in Manchester are now having. We like to manipulate some of the sounds we play to keep our music fresh and interesting, and like to use repetition, reverb, drones and other spacey effects when we can, which may cause people to hear psychedelic elements in our music, but we’d never call ourselves a psych band.

To name your three favourite bands in Brighton right now may be hard but who would you pick and why?

God, that really is hard… We’ve played with and met so many brilliant bands, and choosing just three of our favourites is near impossible, so probably it’s best to choose three different and just say why we like them. AMI are a young punk band that could match any other band in terms of energy, and they’re responsible for the AMI Sessions at The Blind Tiger Club which let so many young bands like us get started. The Go! Team are an awesome band from Brighton whose songs are just amazingly experimental and creative, and we’re really looking forward to hearing their new album – their songs are like a soundtrack for Brighton! Lastly, there’s a couple of bands I like at the moment who I haven’t been able to see because of licensing restrictions, like Clowwns, but what I’ve heard on youtube etc. is really cool.


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