Getting To Know You: Animal Language


What can we expect from Animal Language in the future?

We intend on getting a new single out for early March with accompanying video, which we’re all very excited about, so watch out for that.

We’re also currently finishing a new batch of songs and hope to compile something vaguely ‘album-esque’ by the Summer. In between the recording we’ll be playing shows around the country and aim to tour, but it’s early days yet and nothing is set in stone on the touring front.

To name your three favourite bands in Brighton right now will be hard but who would you pick and why?

Our favourite bands in Brighton are Tigercub, Demob Happy and DIGO. They’re all bands that give an insane live performance and can capture it on record.

Choice tracks are:

Centrefold – Tigercub
Succubus – Demob Happy
Sleep All Day – DIGO

You fellas are initially from all over the country as individuals, has this contributed to your sound in any way at all?

Being from different parts of the UK hasn’t consciously influenced our music. Brighton however is a unique melting pot of musicians from across the country, that seems to be the theme with a lot of Brighton bands. We’ve all respectively played in other bands that have gigged the local circuit, so you just get to know everyone and eventually you meet people you really enjoy making music with. Living in Brighton has been amazing for the chance to meet like minded musicians. And the constantly evolving culture of the city is incredible to be a part of.

To date, what would you say is your favourite gig in Brighton and why?

Due to the band being in it’s early stages, we’ve spent a lot of time writing and recording and have only played a handful of Brighton gigs. We supported Mazes last year at BLEACH, which was such a good night. It was the first time we made it through the set in a way that we were all happy with…and nobody’s feelings got hurt…which was another plus.


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