DIVES – I Feel Better

We checked out these boys at their debut gig a few weeks back. What they bring to Brighton is a ready fresh scent of Northern etiquette, there is a breath of the psychedelic haze of Northern Britpop scattered over fantastically prominent choruses. ‘I Feel Better’ is just like this, catchy pop guitar lines lead the way into the song before a soft vocal line is introduced, resembling that of Tim Burgess or early Ian Brown, it is scattered over a tepid verse which warms before a bright chorus. What is really the key to the song however is the fantastic breakdown towards the back end of the song, different time signatures are placed into the song above which, guitars drip over – keeping the listener alive and active, they don’t subside to a single dimension, they are instead enthralled. DIVES provide an interesting aspect to psychedelic pop music, they still appear very ambiguous on the social network front however, next time you see their name appear around Brighton – take a note and interest.

It is fortunate this song has emerged at the end of a long cold winter in the South, it is one to really get you buoyant ahead of spring. It’s an awakening and a call to arms, ready set for more to come from DIVES.

DIVES support The Wands at the Prince Albert on the 12th of March and play at our very first showcase on the 25th of March at The Hope and Ruin.

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