Getting To Know You: Fallow Deer

You guys seem quite the enigma on social media, can we expect anything special from Fallow Deer in the near future?
When we started the band about a year ago we decided we would much rather focus on playing live than going online straight away. When we recently made a Facebook page some people seemed to think we were only just starting out, but we’d already played about 40 shows before that. We didn’t decide to be purposefully mysterious. We just found it more fun working in our own little universe, focussing on creating our own world, developing our sound and our morals and what we wanted to do as a band and actually showing it to people in the flesh.
We have recorded two tracks with our friend Angus Taylor, who’s in a really good band called The Magic Gang, so we should be posting some music online soon. Our nudes will probably leak soon though.
How has Brighton effected your sound as a band (lyrically, musically or otherwise)?
Brighton being a popular university city you get to meet a lot of different people. The city has a very welcoming, open-minded approach that is really attractive to different types of people. A lot of our music is about people I’ve met whilst at university and often about issues and stories they’ve had that I felt weren’t being dealt with in the music happening around us. There are always a lot of good bands in Brighton and it constantly pushes you to be better and better. 
You mentioned a so to speak ‘residency’ at Fitzherberts previously, can you tell us more about these gigs?
When we started it was often hard for us to book shows because we didn’t have any songs online or a website. So we just decided to start putting on our own shows.
We now run a regular free-entry night at the Fitz in Brighton called The 27 Club where we ask our friends bands to play with us and we all have fun and get drunk in a small room together. At our last show our mates Animal House headlined and packed the room out. People went bananas! After they played the floor was covered in tequila and doughnuts.
To name your three favourite bands in Brighton right now will be hard but who would you pick and why?
Morning Smoke- They are my housemates. They are really good but also the drummer Isaac just tided the whole house and it looks great!
The Magic Gang – They can really shred and have some big tunes on their hands.
Animal House – They moved over together from Brisbane to Brighton and they are good guys. They played a lot of new songs at our show with them and they sound big!

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