FVNERALS – The Light


FVNERALS are definitely a band to get into in 2015 and listening to this marvellous album entitled ‘The Light’ which was released late last year demonstrates why. Over the past couple of years, they have released their debut EP titled ‘The Hours’ and have been held on hiatus as vocalist – Tiffany and guitarist – Syd, took off on their side project. However, at the start of 2014, they reunited with their drummer Antoine and have perfected this dark, atmospheric, ambient masterpiece. Not only have they just released a limited edition splatter vinyl via Throne Records but they also have a string of dates coming up on a UK tour which is testament to their fantastic sound.

Dark, looming, gloomy and isolated – think The Black Ryder, Low, Portishead – a voice so icy and mournful it cuts through you in a similar fashion to Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. There is darkness to this music, it is something that rests upon an interesting musical arrangement and tenderness within the claustrophobic silences, waiting for the fall but never quite been given it. We as a listener are constantly teased with a climax, having it waved in front of our faces as if a predator who can’t quite get their claws into the prey – listen to the album opener – ‘Oath’ pay tribute to this claim. A personal stand out track runs between two tracks, starting with ‘Tiga’ we are convinced and ushered onwards by an eerie piano line into ‘Closer’, humongous soundscapes engulf us throughout which perhaps makes a slight nod to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Tiffany’s voice then trembles over haunting fingerpicking, drums rattling underneath as if a catalyst to the precession. The final two tracks, entitled The Light (Part One) and the preceding (Part Two) present a friction and haunting that will drag you through the graveyard, a real scratching on your back – agitated drums and guitar fill a reverberated synth sound, a frustration and tension is built that deems an apt ending to the album. An enigma, a mystery – this album provides many shocks, horrors and goosebumps along the way but by God, get your mitts on it. Somehow, someway, listen to it.

FVNERALS head round the North in late April with their pals Sunwolf and have plenty of other dates nationwide, for your sake, do not miss out.



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