KINSHIP – Spectral EP


This is a brilliant debut EP from a rising emo/punk Brighton trio. They certainly tick all the expectations from these genres, from self deprecating lyrics to a general tempo that makes you want to put your fist through the nearest hipster present. The EP is 8 tracks long and is marvellously diverse in what it features, from the punk driven ‘Revenant’ which holds more similarities to mid 2000s bands such as The Paddingtons and The Walkmen, to those such as ‘Sickle-Cell’ and ‘Blindspots’ which hold more of a comparison to artists such as The Automatic and Funeral For A Friend. Essentially, we have the tame, emotional conversations to the angsty, frustrated punk tracks that we relate to that sense of nihilism.

Lyrically we are provided with everything we should expect from this genre: isolation, check; a sense of worthlessness, check; lost love and broken hearts, check. Not to be listened to on a rainy day as such, the band in fact warn on their EP release Facebook status: ‘who is ready to be sad?’. By no means is the depressing, overcast tone to suggest they are bad lyrics though, they are clearly not rebellious 13 year olds trying to piss their parents off, in fact the lyrics maintain a certain degree of wit, tenderness and careful wording which allows them to be interesting and captivating. The EP is brought to a close with one of the stand out tracks: ‘Mother Tongue’, it ends with an almost nostalgic glance over it’s shoulder to the previous seven tracks and aptly ends with the question ‘Will I just live / for my final breath?’ – an exceptionally nihilistic, existential question but one that fits the general tone of the EP. For a first effort, this is not bad at all, I hope to catch them around Brighton in the near future.

Download ‘Spectral’ from the Bandcamp link below:

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