Waxwork Figurine – 1 in 3 

Being asked to listen to fantastic alternative rock bands is often a bit of a struggle, often they are half arsed, shoddy attempts with a handful of guitarists with egos and all the other bits and bobs that fall alongside. Waxwork Figurine step outside of any cliche or half arsed(ness), what we have with ‘1in 3’ is a selection of songs that draw from various different influences and provide a fantastic diversity on songwriting  With the single, ‘Simulacra’ is a quasi Massive Attack intro, a sampling of electronic beats with hummed vocals placed delicately over the top, around 2 minutes into the 5 minute track, a transformation in sound is present – Nine Inch Nails merging of rock and electronic appears and makes sure the listener is still kicking and screaming. With the following track – ‘Last Masquerade’, think Radiohead’s more delicate work, sultry acoustic guitar, undercurrented with a tremendously capitivating bass groove. Now to throwback to my personal favourite which appears earlier in the album, the track titled ‘Tranc’, a real thriller in this epic of an album. An enigmatic start to the song, taking influence perhaps from some of the contemporary Queens of the Stone Age stuff, a day dream song with a seductive guitar line placed over top and a climax that’ll push you on through to the end. Holy moley, this album is good.

Waxwork Figurine have produced a steller album here, one definitely worth getting into if alternative rock is your thing. Although no dates are currently announced, no dates should be missed – keep your ear down to the ground.


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