Death Ape Disco – Kingdom of Others


Hard, fast and loud (no, not that you mucky trotters), this is the first song off the album ‘Supervolcano’ and personally, my favourite from the Brighton five piece ‘Death Ape Disco’. Referring back to my enigmatic, opening line – it feels that this is how rock should be done, the true essence – it’s got pace, groove and riffs galore which are big enough to take on any Gladiator back in Ancient Rome. A bit Mastodon, Kyuss, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam, heavy and crunching with a bite. Fantastic, husky, 20 Marlboro Red a day vocals are the key in my personal opinion, there’s no messing about, it has crunch and a is real crowd pleaser if this is your cup of tea – vocals pummel along with the song at a speed nobody would be able to stop. Play this number loud and piss of them motherduckin’ neighbours, get down to see them sometime soon, this is mega. Oh and they recently signed to Ripple Music. More reason.

“It’s not just a volcano, it’s a Supervolcano!”- Corey Taylor

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