thoughts – Animal

A lovely little indie, alternative rock jangle. It’s a mover, shaker and dancer – it’s a teenage angst song which lyrically would suggest pining for some love, something everybody wants deep down. The positioning of oneself in the self deprecating position as some lucky person’s animal. Guitars sing to you as much as the vocals and dance joyfully over a tight drum beat, think a bit Foals, Yuck and your NME wonders of current times. A tight bass groove yells to you and thunders like a wayward storm, it keeps you hooked throughout and bobbing around in your own key. In terms of guitar tone there seems to be a nudge towards your 90s favourites: there’s a bit of The Charlatans in there, a hint of Ocean Colour Scene and finally a splash of John Squire. It’s a fantastically brilliant song and does everything you’d want from this sort of music, it’d fit in at any party, club night or social encounter and suggests the band are set to produce some more splendid stuff over the coming months. Keep up to date on these lot as a certain ‘one to watch’.

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