Get Free: Brighton Gig Picks This Week – 9/3/2015

So another week passes and March springs upon us in full flight. Another flippin’ fantastic week for gigs in this city, brilliant local and touring bands, here’s our picks of the week to drag you off your motherduckin’ sofas…

Thursday 12/3/15 – The Prince Albert pub plays host to a wicked new Danish psych-rock outfit called The Wands. Taking influence from a range of bands – Suede, Tame Impala, Growlers, we really can’t wait for this one here at Give it Back. They are supported by the brilliant Dives and the spectacular Big Society. Acid Box and Fuzz Club have really pulled out the stops. £5 in advance.

Friday 13/3/15 – Bleach Blood visit Brighton’s recently revamped Hope and Ruin this week and we can’t wait. Having their debut album for release on the horizon, this is set to be a brilliant showcase – being described as a punk-rock-electro five piece, they certainly have an eclectic sound. Whatsomore is this gig is completely tax, price and VAT free, zero damage incurred. Zilch. They are supported by The Gospel Youth, Montrose and Feet First. Get into the bands below and get on them this coming Friday.

Sunday 15/3/15 – We checked out the three piece sludge rockers, Ragweed for the first time way back in August when we gave their album a cool little review and now, we have been hooked. They visit The Prince Albert this coming Sunday and it costs not a penny more than a mere 3 squid. It will be splendid as they bring their co-headline jaunt with Punching Swans to Brighton. Put a kick to the end of the week with this bunch. They are supported by Mindofalion and Oh Captain.

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