LU CAZANA Live – The Prince Albert – 11/3/2015

I had the pleasure of falling back into the pleasant lull of seeing bands in a Brighton yesterday – after a recent hiatus from seeing live bands, it was sweet as sugar to return; no less than to the haven that is The Prince Albert. With it’s charm, modesty and splendid array of beers and ales, nothing is quite like going to a gig here. The band in focus were Brighton’s LU CAZANA, a great, fresh new addition to the wide roster of bands this city plays home to. What one can expect of this band is the beauty of indie pop, moulded and sculpted into a perfect package. Elements of the set suggested a haze and beauty that suggests the comedown is much more enjoyable than the actual party. Splendid vocal harmonies were supported by the two guitarists and bassist, a cracking range of vocals excelled their sound. What sprung to mind as a comparison was Total Life Forever era Foals, their single to be released in the coming weeks is spectacular, tear jerking and draws emotion from the stoniest of hearts. A toe in the water opening supported by the nail in the coffin, the crescendo and climax you were longing to be given at the end. I for one cannot wait to hear how it is put down on recording. On the night we were informed of the drummer’s imminent departure, this added an air of sadness to the evening as his ability to keep tempo and rhythms proved essential in their overarching live sound. The night was immaculately polished, tight hooks and bass lines with groove that could shatter pelvises. Keep your ears out for these in the future, they’re new on the market, testament to the fact this was just their second gig but boy, have they got a story to shout about sometime soon. 

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