The Wands and DIVES Live – The Prince Albert – 12/3/2015

It’s a real pleasure to have been gifted the opportunity to get to so many gigs in Brighton and for this one, Acid Box and Fuzz Club Records really pulled out all the stops bringing the Danish five piece ‘The Wands’ across the North Sea to sunny Brighton. The band have recently released their debut album that brings together the 60s charm, husk and gravel of Captain Beefheart et al and spits on it a bit of synth, Suede and a touch of that contemporary electronic/psych of the modern day, POND, BJM and; well, you get the picture. DIVES brought along their take on American psych, bringing the lovely balance of the best of both sides of the pond. DIVES are a band who have no fear when it comes to live performances, giving the crowd a little jig throughout, supported with flurries of conversation, acknowledging and thanking for support and flying the Whitehawk F.C scarf nice and high. I’ve said it before and no doubt will continue to do so, these are one of the brightest prospects on the Brighton music scene, they incorporate fantastic melodies with intricate guitar work, get down and see them sometime soon. The Wands brought something ultra cool to Brighton last night, an enigmatic performance throughout, it almost seemed like they had a trick stored away up their sleeve – the monumental ‘Sound Of The Machine’ stood out as a personal favourite, with the drop into the chorus it feels although it washes right over you, this is a great song and well worth listening to. What makes The Wands stand out as a great contemporary psych band is they can differentiate between drone and droning on, you never once got the sense that it was becoming dull as there was a substantial proportion of drops, changes and hooks to keep you interested.

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