Junkyard Choir – Get It On


There’s about a thousand ways a two piece band can go horribly wrong. I’d say one of the biggest ones is focusing too much on texture; image and genre, the chords on display and how you chop them up – and ignoring melody (beyond simple hooks) or musicality. Then you’re just a gimmick, just another guitarist obsessed with finding The Tone, like it’s gonna save you from being shit. That’s why you should love Junkyard Choir, because they’re nothing like this. Get It On is a display of the exact opposite of what I just ranted about. Yeah, they obviously know what they’re doing, sounding like the stamina pumping through the veins of an Arizona truck stop, but that’s not all they’ve got and they know it. The song is incredibly dynamic and carries a voice that is not only powerful in colour, but also in exciting and catchy melodies. Check out the video as well, documenting the work that lead to the creation of this banger, which involved some shots, a little bit of discreet clapping, some pool and a whole lot of rocking out! Styles go stale, but a good tune remains a good tune. Put that on your shirt.

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