IS TROPICAL, CIRQUS and Faux Falls Live – The Joker – 17/3/2015


We Calm have recently emerged within Brighton as a new promotions company, they are building a golden portfolio by putting on some mighty fine and dandy acts and tonight, they host none other than IS TROPICAL in association with Jack Daniel’s Roots. IS TROPICAL emerged upon the UK music scene back in 2009 and since then, they have released a couple of albums and a string of stellar singles. Tonight, first on, they were supported by a relatively new band in Brighton who go by the name Faux Falls. Faux Falls appeared as a five piece, including a bassist with a hell of a lot of wit, charisma and um, Scouse. As sounds go, this band had some songs which could justify being played in a much larger venue, never mind the intimate setting of The Joker. Incorporating elements of Bombay Bicycle Club with the stadium sized, boot filling anthems of Dire Straits and late Kings of Leon – Faux Falls provided songs which were no mere drop in the ocean, more like some bugger had pulled the flippin’ Titanic out and chucked it back in all over again. Next up were CIRQUS, a band with a lot of confidence and a stupefying electronic sound behind them. Sound wise they were exceptionally diverse, with hints of 80s electronic music, a touch of Kate Bush and daub of The Horrors. There was an underlying shoegaze guitar tone – that fantastically wet reverberation echoed around The Joker and threw the sound threw the roof, it was marvellous and I really hope these lot elevate to success. Watch out, Brighton. Around the 10pm mark, IS TROPICAL arrived onstage, tonight’s headliners. Emerging into pitch black with nothing but a mysterious guitar pulsing around the place, tension and expectation left the kids of today drooling at the front barrier, eager in expectation of what was to come. IS TROPICAL were bouncing fun and it became apparent as to why they were so highly tipped in the past – taking from that late indie/electro scene that was huge a few years back, incorporating the likes of Egyptian Hip-Hop, Two Door Cinema Club et al. IS TROPICAL however proved to have other sensibilities to elevate their sound from that late 2000s NME hype, there were elements of math rock within the drums that hark back to that Antidotes era Foals and some of that experimentation and vocal similarities to These New Puritans.

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