Smiling Disease – Beach Bodies: 2008-2014


Olly Moss, has deployed upon the world the spectacular work which he has accumulated through his teenage years. Moss who is bassist of Evans the Death, a band that have received the lion’s share of hype for their second album: ‘Expect Delays’ has now ushered forward ‘Beach Bodies: 2008-2014’. ‘Beach Bodies’ demonstrates the lo-fi, mescaline infused bedroom music of Moss, an often hypnotic view through Moss’ looking glass and onto the crux of his other project: Smiling Disease. ‘Beach Bodies’ depends upon a diverse range of sounds; from the Methodrone-era Brian Jonestown Massacre lull of ‘Double Locked’ to the shimmering ‘Intro’ which spans and flashes across shoegaze and ambient soundscapes.

‘Beach Bodies’ demonstrates a creative mind, someone with intent to expand and develop to, laying forth a story to the audience. Moss clearly has a mind that works in an intricate and progressive way and this is demonstrated through such a profound set of 18 tracks. ‘The Klingon Race’ perhaps leans towards the ideal of Foxygen or Can – a pounding rumble and tumble bass, a pumping steroid infused drum and a quivering guitar section all carry the song and bounce you up and down as if your body is draped over the back of Clint Eastwood’s horse, tearing through the Wild West.

Below is the link to Smiling Disease’s video for the haunting, atmospheric trip of ‘Double Locked’.

‘Beach Bodies: 2008-204’ is released on a limited edition cassette run of 100, you can grab these for a fiver or get onto Bandcamp and download the thing for £4. Well worth a purchase.

For fans of Slowdive, Ride, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Foxygen.

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