Demob Happy – Young & Numb EP


Demob Happy have certainly taken Brighton by a storm over the past year. Their enormous riff blazoned foot continues to stamp, currently up and down the UK and further afield to much of Europe, spreading their garage rock sound throughout the darkest depths of the continent. The four piece launch their ‘Young & Numb EP’ on Record Store Day (April 18th) in the wake of their two tub thumping singles – 2014’s ‘Succubus’ and this year’s ‘Young & Numb’.

The EP opens with the self-titled track and recent single: ‘Young & Numb’. Beginning with a bass line, so murky and goddamn drudged it feels as if it is something pulled through swamps and swamps of frustrated angst – in fact, it is this line that sets the tempo and feel to the entire song. With a frustrated chorus that combusts in your face, singeing the tips of your ears as it flits past, this fuzzy thrasher is a different beast. The video for this adds to the speed and impish behaviour, depicting all those from your favourite slasher films – nothing says garage rock like Hitchcock.

Next up, ‘Fizz’, rattling you around at a ferocious speed. The short and sweet two minute punk song sounds as if Gang of Four have knocked back a whole bunch of amphetamines. A relentless song, guitars come out of the woodwork and come across like Medieval weapons, there’s such a rawness to the entire process of the song, nothing is polished or touched upon. Vocals blur through a monstrous sound pushing through desperate yelps of ‘I’m soft, baby, I’m soft!’. ‘Succubus’, is nothing short of that song your parents did not want you hearing at a young age, the type that tells your kids to grow their hair and steal your unassuming alcohol. Sordid and sleazy, a real testament to the band’s sound – ricocheting off every sticky 3am gig floor. The closing track off the EP is the chord thrashing ‘Milk Parlour’. A tinge of Them Crooked Vultures sticks to this song – the loose, loitering verse is contrasted perfectly by the raucous chorus, it’s restless and pummeling in it’s power. Demob Happy have really muscled themselves free with this EP; unshackled, unchained, like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Check out the video for ‘Young & Numb’ below – the EP is released via Milk Parlour / SO Recordings on April 18th.

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