Obsidian Key – LOUD


Obsidian Key are a local Brighton progressive rock/metal band that formed way back in 2010. They have surfaced recently with their pummelling and ambitious album: ‘LOUD’. LOUD is a ten track journey through the back alleys of free rock, there is depth to the intricate guitar parts, head banging groove and invigorated tempo. Obsidian Key have certainly been ambitious with this release, there are certainly some lengthy tracks which take a bit of patience to engage with but come the infamous second listen, you can warm to them. The ambition behind tracks such as ‘The Key of Netherworld, Pt.1’ and ‘The Key of Netherworld, Pt. 2’ suggests a band that have their sights on high things, this is something to be credited in the world of music nowadays where many artists are satisfied with the bare minimum. Big choruses are overwhelming within this album, ‘Empire of Madness’ sees brilliant vocal melodies loom large from singer Glo Harmonee, the song takes you on a diverse ride through an array of different genres, from death metal, to jazz to psychedelia – this testament to Obsidian Key’s ambition.

‘LOUD’ is not an easy listening album by any stretch, however, it may just be your cup of tea. This album is definitely worth a listen if you believe progressive rock/metal may be for you, however, give it more than one chance. It’s a grower. Here’s to Obsidian Key’s future and what they can bring in the coming years.

For fans of Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Dream Theater.

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