The Set Restaurant

Dan Kenny and Semone Bonner have founded an exceptional restaurant with The Set. It’s location is tucked away in the Artist Residence of Regency Square and within, there is the perfect intimate setting of just twenty seats. The restaurant offers a splendid view overlooking the chefs at work with the additional option to sit on the pass if you wish.

The Set offers three seasonal set menus with exquisite locally sourced ingredients. We definitely recommend a visit and I’m sure these picture will do it for you too. Situated next door is The Cocktail Shack offering an array of drinks and rum, perfectly complimenting the meal. Check out the menus and the mouth-watering food-porn below.

bts-the-set-06-03-15-2 bts-the-set-06-03-15-11 bts-the-set-06-03-15-12 bts-the-set-06-03-15-13 bts-the-set-06-03-15-14 bts-the-set-06-03-15-15 plates-the-set-06-03-15-2 plates-the-set-06-03-15-10 plates-the-set-06-03-15-12 plates-the-set-06-03-15-22 retouched-restaurant-the-set-06-03-15-1 retouched-restaurant-the-set-06-03-15-2 retouched-restaurant-the-set-06-03-15-10 retouched-restaurant-the-set-06-03-15-11

All photos are by Justin De Souza of Fresh To Death.

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