Dignan Porch – crème

Dignan Porch creme Tape cover

Dignan Porch are initially a London based five piece DIY, lo-fi band. The band have previously released two LP’s and EP on Brooklyn’s Captured Mind label (Diiv, Mac Demarco), their latest album titled ‘Observatory’ was released on Brighton’s Faux Discx (Hookworms, Cold Pumas). In the past, the band have toured the USA and Europe frequently, supporting the likes of Ty Segall, Mac Demarco and White Fence. Pretty good going by anybody’s stretch.

Their latest release is set to be launched on April 27th, ‘crème’ is to be released on a limited edition cassette and documents the band’s year in 2014, it is seven tracks long and demonstrates Dignan Porch’s raw, unapologetic DIY mentality. Dignan Porch appear to have taken the opportunity to release such a robust set of songs in order to release that DIY-psych: it is laden with woozy guitar effects, hiss and rasping distortion and scintillating synth gloss without too much polish. Opening with jangling guitar hooks in the track ‘Split Boxes’, a distant voice shines through a tunnel of reverberation and it appears as an elastic, nostalgic take on teenage-hood, a longing to be young forever. Dignan Porch certainly appear find influence and take from punk music, however, synonymous with the likes of White Fence, Woods and the aforementioned Ty Segall, this punk element is coated in that psychedelic, lo-fi grit, reducing it from any obvious comparison. Steady drum progressions propel you through tracks as guitars collide at different angles.

‘Yards Again’ stands out as track six on this cassette and we are given a breeze of that Spaghetti Western guitar line filtered through layers of echo before dive bombing into a splintered marching beat. Very much in a similar fashion to Black Lip’s 2014 single ‘Boys In The Wood’. ‘Horizons My Friend’ surfaces as the final track, augmenting the emotional side to Dignan Porch and the cassette, the slightly more reckless catharsis, less nostalgia and more a frightened stab in the back of growing up. ‘Some Warnings’ has hints of British post-punk, a gloomy, despondent skew upon the past. Dignan Porch have produced a coherent, solid set of seven songs. Each track standing it’s own ground and defining it’s own importance within the cassette. There are hints from all aspects of an intriguing musical catalogue, the obvious comparisons to psychedelia appear slightly misleading if you refuse to take into account the 1950s-esque guitar lines, pummelling post-punk gloom and 70s angst.

If you are kicking around the London area on April 25th, this bunch play a launch party at The Windmill.


Here is the band’s track by track guide of the cassette:

Split Boxes

We wrote this just before a short UK tour in Oct/Nov last year, we played it in the live set for that. I’m singing about dirty old rooms with damp carpets and soggy cardboard boxes that have split down the side with the contents spilling out. The keyboards, bass and drums keep this one driving forward, with repetitive melodies. While the guitars chime and eventually wig out as it reaches a peak.

Alas (Slushy Guts cover)

This is a cover of Alas by Slushy Guts. Slushy Guts is our friend Steve who lives with our guitarist Sam. Steve actually used to play drums for Dignan Porch and plays on our album ‘Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen’, we played one of his songs on that record too, ‘Sleep With the Dead’. Check out his great collection of intimate home recorded songs here: https://slushyguts.bandcamp.com/

Heavy on the 5 (creme version)

This came about through turning the overdrive all the way up on a cheap Laney amp. I got a wild sound from it and decided to let loose and chug a riff, we don’t ‘chug’ much in Dignan Porch so it felt good. We did a version of this for a Marshall Teller compilation. This is a more recent, more rawk version of it. Lyrics describe a pair of hard working hands covered in cuts and sores, pulling back on a set of (metaphorical) reigns. Deep.


This is an instrumental written by Sam, he describes it as: ‘Ultimate depression turning into ultimate happiness’.

Some Warnings

A melancholic song, describing a scene – being out in the cold and waving to someone, scraping ice off your car. I was thinking about the act of waving / having someone to wave at, the comfort / surrealness of basic human interaction.

Yards Again

This song was originally on our EP ‘Deluded’ this is another recording of it. We’re not trying to improve on the original or anything like that. We like playing it, so we did this while we at Sound Savers studio getting some stuff down (http://soundsavers.net/). We updated ‘Like it was’ with ‘Like it was again’ on ‘Deluded’, so we’re doing that again here with Yards. It’s a love song.

Horizons My Friend

This was originally going to go on our album: ‘Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen’, another instrumental from Sam, he says: ‘it is about trying to do more things before you die.’

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