Delta Sleep – Lake Sprinkle Sprankle


Delta Sleep, signed to Big Scary Monsters (UK / EU) have just released a teaser from their new album ‘Twin Galaxies’. This comes in the form of ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’, a four and a half minute song that engages us through a math-rock fused juggling of At The Drive In, Minus The Bear and Slint. Rhythmically and technically challenging, this song proves the progressive talent of this band and stands as an indicator that their forthcoming album may be an exceptional addition within a very complex genre. The ferocity of singer, Devin Yüceil’s vocal performance engages you and grasps you by the throat, pulling you along – Yüceil has the ability to utter tentative whispers and then transform these into anthemic, pummelling narratives that curl and recoil, cautiously wailing: ‘Lately I’ve listed the reasons why I can’t move on and why I sleep in the house that we lived in for over three years now’. ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’ acts as an enticing teaser into what could be, a fantastic album. Often their is a running story within music of this genre that would indicate technical proficiency and focus upon writing intelligent music overtakes the base sensations that music prides itself on. Fortunately, Delta Sleep suggest they won’t be falling into this category anytime soon.

‘Twin Galaxies’ is released via Big Scary Monsters on the 25th of May.

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