Electric Koolade – In My New Hole


I wanted to make a witty Tom Wolfe reference, but if I ever make a well-read person chuckle with educated glee again, I’ll throw myself off the pier. Promise. Anti-intellectual scatterbrain pain and hallucinogenic delusions of a soul gone empty seem to be the theme of the day, the inspiration here. The sort of thing that happens when the 90’s meet the 60’s, the Great Brighton beach clash of Cynical Slackers and Merry Pranksters (oops, there I go). Scary, yes, I’ve heard people call the video disturbing because of the skulls, I guess, and the stabbing and the charred baby figurine, a swordfight too. But where would emotion be without range? This is not a gimmick, listen to the singer sing about having a good time and then roar into a crescendo of a chorus with screams of complete personal depletion. There’s no telling if you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself or hiding away in a corner somewhere, but I’d say this confusing tension is the goal, carried by a familiar sound of John Lennon meets the Pixies, luring you in with expectations to be broken. I know for a fact that these guys headlined a gig they were supposed to open, that just seems to be the sort of thing that happens to them and if you enjoy being surprised, freaked out, excited, I recommend you watch the video, listen to the music and follow the band. Try and find them.


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